Thermal-Pruf™ Insulation Systems are high quality spray applied insulation products manufactured for numerous commercial, residential, and industrial applications. It can be applied to steel, aluminum, concrete, brick, block, and wood.

Thermal-Pruf™ systems produce a durable, seamless insulation that greatly increases thermal efficiency for buildings and drastically reduces heating and cooling cost. When applied onto a substrate, the specially blended fibers mesh together forming a durable, monolithic coating which seals all cracks, corner gaps, seams, holes, and stud cavity voids, thus providing a barrier which resists heat flow and eliminates air infiltration. It also forms tight seals around plumbing pipes, windows, electrical boxes, joists, heating and air conditioning vents, and other areas that contribute to the passage of air.

Thermal-Pruf™, when used with the SP-31 adhesive will not cause corrosion of steelwork. This has proven to be a problem with many other spray applied insulation systems. This product is extremely durable, which is the key to solid, in-place performance for the life span of a building

Thermal-Pruf™ spray is a blend of cellulose and premium rockwool and is used for all types of insulation applications.

Thermal conductivity

When tested in accordance with ASTM C518-76, the R-Value is 3.9 per inch and the K-Value is 0.25.
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