Sound-Pruf™ is a lightweight, spray applied acoustical product developed by American Sprayed Fibers, Inc., which has excellent noise reduction and transmission loss capabilities. High fire protection and thermal insulation properties are added advantages of this product.

Sound-Pruf™ is easily spray applied directly to steel, wood, concrete, and many other standard construction materials. In addition to providing superior acoustical control, this monolithic acoustical coating offers solid in-place durability and can be finished with a very appealing texture and color.

Sound-Pruf™ is a lightweight, low density product which has been precisely blended to provide superior sound absorption properties. Noise levels will be subdued by it and then held below levels that conform to current and foreseeable regulatory levels. Sound-Pruf™ is an aesthetically pleasing solution to sound control, and is suitable for application to walls, ceilings, bulkheads, decks, and all varying types of partitioning.
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