Frequently Asked Questions

What products are in your product line?

  • Dendamix™ for land based spray fireproofing
  • Dendamix™ Marine for marine and offshore
  • Sound-Pruf™ for acoustical treatment
  • Thermal-Pruf™ for thermal insulation

Can one product be used for all applications?

Dendamix and dendamix marine are the most versatile providing treatments for fire, sound and thermal.

What are your range of product densities?

Density is calculated as pounds per cu ft dry. Tested results for asfi products are:
  • 4 to 6 # for Thermal-Pruf™
  • 6 to 10# for Sound-Pruf™
  • 7 to 25# for Dendamix™
  • 7 to 18 # for Dendamix Marine™
  • 6 to 10 # for Dendamix Retrofit™

Can the various products be painted?

Yes. First we recommend rolling the application and then painting.

Will you lose STC or NRC values when you roll the application?

The STC will not be effected but the NRC will.

Are all finishes rough?

No. A travertine finish can be obtained with the use of a roller.

Are samples available?


Can videos of testing and applications be shown?


Who checks your manufacturing process?

We are monitored by Underwriters Laboratories, Southwest Research Institute, the United States Coast Guard and the DNV of Norway.

Are Classification Society Certification and USCG approvals available?


Are test results available?


Where have you fire tested?

Underwriters Laboratories & Southwest Research Institute in the U.S.: the Loss Prevention Council & RINA in Europe.

What is the cost comparison between you and your competition?

We are very competitive regarding the cost of material, but when you add in coverage per man per day we become very competitive. In the marine industry we cannot be touched. We are 10x less costly than the conventional pin method, and 1/3 the weight.

How is the material applied?

We use a machine for the dry fiber and a liquid pump for the adhesive. Both products meet in a nozzle and are propelled against the surface at the same time.

Can you protect wood?

ASFI has more tests on wood than any product in the country.

How thick can your products be applied?

On walls 8" thick and on ceilings up to 4" thick, depending on density.

Do your products contain any recycled material?

Yes, our fiber products are 100% recycled material.

Can anyone buy your material?

Its mandatory that anyone wishing to apply ASFI products first complete a training program provided at your facility.
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