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American Sprayed Fibers, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of blended fiber products. Years of research and testing have resulted in the development of high quality, lightweight spray applied fireproofing, acoustical, and thermal insulation products that meet most construction demands. All of the systems are suitable for application to steel, aluminum, concrete, brick, block, and wood. The systems can be applied to exterior as well as interior locations. They can be left textured, rolled to a smooth finish, or over coated with an approved paint or weather coating systems.

ASFI's unique manufacturing process produces materials that allow the contractor to virtually eliminate the messy, dusty work environment commonly associated with other products in the industry. Numerous quality control measures in the fully automated manufacturing process allow continuous production of consistent, high quality fire, thermal, and acoustical products. All of the systems developed by American Sprayed Fibers, Inc. are manufactured from recycled materials which offer durable in-place performance.

The application of ASFI's product range to a substrate creates a fire rated, sound controlled, or thermal insulation assembly. The assembly is actually responsible for the specific fire, sound, or thermal proofing results. The effectiveness of the assembly and the results it yields are directly dependent on the type and quality of the products used to create that assembly.

ASFI's products have been tested by independent laboratories such as Underwriter's Laboratories, Riverbank Acoustical, Commercial Testing and Southwest Research Institute in the U.S.A., The Loss Prevention Council and RINA in Europe, which are recognized worldwide as the foremost authorities in fire, sound, and thermal testing and vibration. The results of this testing reinforce ASFI's performance claims for all their products.
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